Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 19, Summit Semester

Tuesday’s main activity is art class with Charlie Pepitone. We spent the first part of class presented the skits we had written and practiced over the past week. It was a fun activity, and some skits were very amusing. I took and edited video for a couple scenes in our skit, and I was definitely pleased with how that came together. I wasn’t excited about the problems we had with the projector and audio during the skit, but all things considered, it went well.

The next part of class has been the subject of dozens of discussions since class ended. Our textbook for the class is Arts, Theology, and the Church: New Intersections. It’s a really interesting collection of essays on the arts and the Church, but it definitely doesn’t come from an evangelical perspective. It’s been interesting as we (the students + some discussions with the staff) have wrestled through two chapters, figuring out what we think about these concepts coming from a very liberal, if not New Age-y perspective. The staff is definitely aware of this, and we all agree it’s a good challenge, to be given a different perspective from a liberal Christian like Charlie. It’s somewhat harder than I expected, wading through material, sifting out what I know to be true and what I know to be false, and applying this to concepts that may be very unfamiliar, due to the worldview of the author or simply the subject matter of the arts.

I really enjoyed Charlie’s lecture, and it definitely gives us something to think about. For me, it’s been really good to wrestle through some of these issues, deciding whether or not I agree with the doctrine, and if I don’t, identifying what is wrong and what I do actually believe. This class is definitely stretching me, from my lack of sketching skills to theoretical discussions about the definitions of art, beauty, glory, and suffering, but it’s definitely a good stretching.

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