Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 13, Summit Semester

This morning we had our “family meeting,” in which all the staff and students meet together to talk about policies, concerns, prayer requests, a devo, and other random stuff. We spent a long time discussing a rule that we didn’t change in the end, and then we had a time of solitude, which we’ll have every week. It’s scheduled time put aside to be alone and pray, read Scripture, and focus on hearing God or working out some of the questions that are coming up in class and study time.

Some of us are also meeting before breakfast on Wednesdays to read through and discuss Tortured for Christ, written by Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of Voice for the Martyrs. He was a pastor in Romania when the Soviets took control, and spent about 14 years in prison. It’s definitely a very eye-opening and convicting book.

After dinner, Dr. Bauman arrived from Michigan again, and he lectured on “How to Read Movies.” If you only look at the squiggles on the page, you’re not really reading, and the same is true of just looking at movies if you don’t understand visual literacy the all the components that go into making a film. After class, we watched Leap of Faith with Steve Martin, which was an interesting story of a fake evangelist using tricks and psychology to perform miracles, and the transformation he undergoes when he actually sees God do the miraculous. It was interesting, and it reminded me of watching movies with a mild mix of Mrs. Brown and Mr. Gregory, but it was fun.

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