Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 22, Summit Semester

Today, Bauman decided to switch things around a little bit. Instead of having the podium at the front of the room, he moved it to the second story balcony surrounding the classroom. He made a comment about being closer to God and having more authority from the position.

After he left for the afternoon, we (at the suggestion of the staff) decided to turn the tables. We moved all the desks and chairs to the second floor balcony and brought his podium and stool back to the first floor. We put the podium in the center of the room, and wrote “the tables have been turned” on the whiteboard at the front.

For our evening class, we all got there 15 minutes early. We hurried upstairs, where our desks were overlooking the now empty classroom below. We turned out all the lights, except for one light that shined directly on the whiteboard.

We waited in the dark for about 15 minutes, though definitely not quietly as some wanted. When we saw his headlights pulling up, we all settled down to wait for his reaction. It was pretty awesome. He walked in and didn’t say anything for a minute, then walked to the front to turn on the lights. He finally said “Oh my gosh…. I approve.” It was pretty incredible, and definitely made for a memorable class.

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