Saturday, August 1, 2009

Review and Preview

Fail! July was the third month of this year in which I posted nothing at all. So much for the consecutive months streaks of 07 and 08...

This is interesting to me because I've had more to think about this year in terms of sheer volume of information and importance of major events than I've had in many years, perhaps my whole life. Multiple events this year have certainly been milestone marking, if not life changing or life defining. Yet my writing, in real life pen-and-paper as well as cyberspace, doesn't have as much to show for it as previous years. Awesome.

I've got all these thoughts and words and ideas inside me, below the surface, that need to and will come tumbling out eventually. Hopefully I can channel them creatively and coherently into something worth writing, reading, and remembering. (Wow that sounded New Age...sorry about that. still definitely orthodox biblical Christian here.) The the point is I need to process everything that's been put into my brain, and for me that happens through writing.

So, look for a series of post on media (theory not practice) forthcoming soon to a blog near you. These are inspired by the recent attendance of the amazing ECHO conference, and will include a discussion of media as it relates to culture, the Church, and missions.

Also prone to tumble out and interrupt any resemblance of an orderly series are thoughts stemming from two weeks at the Summit. Over eighty (yes, 80) hours in the classroom discussing what it means to have a Christian worldview and think Christian-ly about everything provides much material to process.

Oh, and I'm going to summer camp this week, which will definitely be theologically intense - not your average church camp. So I'll probably be processing that too.

Ultimately, the goal is to process all these thoughts before heading off to Summit Semester in just over a month, because there I'll get enough information to require a lifetime of thinking and processing, quite literally.

So. Stay tuned to this space as I attempt to make the rambling fragments of my brain coherent and useful.