Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 12, Summit Semester

This morning John Stonestreet kicked off our Bible survey course by looking at having a Biblical understanding of Scripture, some of the most common ways we abuse Scripture, and how to avoid that.

“The thing the Catholics were worried about after the Reformation is a valid concern – if everybody gets their own little Bible and own little devotions and applications, then you get everything under the sun. -> Joseph Smith, David Koresh, JWs, etc.”

It was really interesting, but as Eric commented later, some of it is a bit of a reactionary pendulum swing, so I’m still wrestling through some of what he said. I agree with most of it, and obviously there are problems, but I’m not sure those warrant the full extent of his response.

I understand that cults develop out of people deciding the Bible means something different for them, or even from a claim of “divine revelation.” And the point that only once in all of Scripture does God speak in a “still small voice” is valid. However, I think it is limiting the Holy Spirit to say He won’t speak anything that hasn’t already been written in Scripture.

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