Sunday, July 29, 2007


In service today, we had a time of reflection before participating in communion. I thought about the last time I had taken communion, a month ago. We were in Calcutta after two weeks in Northeast India. It was the commitment I made during communion in Calcutta that I reflected on today. I have not forgotten it, nor have I broken my promise. But I am not any closer to fulfilling what God spoke to my heart. Take up your cross and follow Me. Worship in complete surrender and abandonment to Me, break the albaster jar of your life and let the world know who it is you serve.

Two Sundays later, essentially the same message was preached twice by different men. Today, two weeks after that reminder, God gave a quieter reminder, but I was able to grasp what had eluded me since returning from India: the ability to have complete freedom in worship and joy in the presence of God.

How I want to know Jesus more, not just rationally or intellectual knowledge, but a living relationship that affects everything I do. That is everything. What else can I live for?