Monday, June 30, 2008

American Conservative

A week ago, I got to attend a cool thing put on by KSKY radio with my dad and brother. It was a talk radio summit featuring Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager. It was neat to see the behind the scenes stuff of a live radio broadcast (the soundman in me loved it) and to hear the insightful views on the same topic at the same time by these three leaders in talk radio. Ranging from the elections to immigration to culture, the question-answer format was really interesting. 
with Hugh Hewitt

backstage of the event, held in flight museum/hanger

So, in thinking of that this past week, as well as an added focus with the Glorious Fourth coming up, American politics have been on my mind perhaps more than usual. Politics are important, and I think all American Christians should be involved in the political arena in some way, if just as an informed and rational voter. Jesus calls Christians to be involved with and change culture, and it is hard to deny that politics affect culture. Personally, I myself haven't been really involved in politics, nor do I see myself entering that arena in the future (despite the backing of friends who have pledged to support a run for office in ten years or so...). Rest assured, that is not where my strength lies. 

To be honest, I would much rather be involved with what God is doing around the world, outside of America. I love my country, and I am very grateful for my heritage. I truly believe I reside in the greatest country on earth. But above my earthly citizenship, which I value, and my loyalty to the supplier of my passport must be my devotion to my heavenly citizenship. The Kingdom of God is not nationalistic. In order to see God's goal of every tribe, tongue, and nation surrounding the throne, the value of my earthly citizenship must be far lower than how I cherish my heavenly citizenship. 

Still, America is important to me. And something like this makes my blood boil.
"Green is the new red, white, and blue." 

It made me mad when I saw this shirt. It is the epitomy of what the environmentalist movement ultimately wants to do. Eliminate national sovereignty, and give all control to a global government. Control everything by corrupt bureaucracies so the elite stay in control, nature is elevated to a status higher than God, and human life is not unique and thus becomes worthless and expendable.

No, thanks. 

I'll keep my rights and the Constitution as written. I'll keep my American citizenship and my patriotic pride.

And I'll keep my rights as a child of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, shed on the cross. I'll look forward to the Day when creation is liberated from its bondage to decay and God creates the New Heavens and the New Earth as the final act in the story of Redemption.

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