Sunday, January 6, 2008

Future Career

Well, it's 2008 - Happy New Year.

This brings us one year closer to forcing the answer to the ancient, dreaded question. "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Asked to preschoolers and collegiates alike, seemingly always by friends of one's parents who aren't friends of the recipent, my answer today is more ambiguous than my life plans at age 4. Of course, since then, my parents have succeeded in convincing me there are more important things to do with my life than find dinosaur bones. I've also ruled out similar preschool dreams: firefighter, trash truck driver, professional athlete, or Superman.

However, it wasn't until today, as I was organizing some books after having glanced through a mail order catalog that my purpose and calling hit me.

Indiana Jones meets Dr. Jake Cooper, a Biblical archaelogist and hero of Frank Peretti's kids books. How sweet would that be?

I mean, that's almost as cool as this guy:

Well, maybe not. But I will always think it would be cool to be a historian / adventurer / archaelogist with a Biblical worldview who gets to travel all over and find really cool old stuff.

I will always love toys that make you think and use your imagination and hone a love for creative stories (LEGOs did this for me), as well as good books that train your mind while telling an awesome story out of a Biblical worldview.

And I will always want to be involved / support those who are involved with Christians and the Church influencing the arts - movies, books, good storytelling.

Hmm. Maybe I know more about what I want to do than I let myself realize...

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