Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ruptured Bubble

Yesterday I got back from Guatemala on a spring break missions trip with my school. It was amazing - far beyond my expectations.

We got to work with 561 elementary kids at a Christian school. I got to work with 50ish second graders in two classrooms. The kids are so beautiful. They are saturated with joy and love, which they freely give, though I'm the one supposed to be giving to them.

I received so much more than I could ever give away - that's just how my God is.

I went into the trip feeling completely unprepared and uncertain. I left with tears in my eyes, love in my heart, Spanish in my mind, and peace and direction in my spirit. God gave me exactly what I have been needing: conviction, correction, instruction, and unconditional love.

I still have concerns and worries - things that are of tremendous importance inside my bubble. But once again, Jesus has gently poked my bubble, ruptured my heart, and given me an eternal perspective.
  • I will not stand before God on account of my SAT score being too low.
  • It ultimately doesn't matter which college I'll attend.
  • I will be judged for how I loved God and loved His people.
  • It is essential that I seek God and hear His voice. Everything else...not so much.

It's amazing how quickly I forget this. But I'm learning. I'm listening. I'm trying to walk in love, because that's all that really matters.

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