Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm really happy and excited and I can't tell you exactly why. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I have my suspicions. I think I'm in love. The beauty and the wonder and the hope of the future just fills my heart with joy. I cannot believe I have existed this long, knowing that it existed and not comprehending the possibilities.

Yes, it. It is not a person, yet it is still beautiful. It is a simple program I never paid that much attention to. When I was little, it entertained my brother and I for a few minutes while Dad finished up at the office. Since I no longer need such trite entertainment, I thought its value was gone. Wow, was I wrong. The multi layered masterpiece you see above you pays tribute to its capabilities. It is not Photoshop. It is not even a cheaper knock-off of Photoshop. It is the one and only Paint, of Microsoft Corporations. Yeah, the free toy that comes with Windows Accessories.

Isn't it beautiful?

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